Can you see who’s at the door? Easy enough when you’re at home, but can you see who is at the door when you’re hundreds—or even thousands—of miles away?

Our front doors are the gates of our castles. We greet friends and family, but we also receive strangers and services. The UPS driver, for example. Most of the time, our visitors are welcome. But sometimes they’re questionable.

By installing a door station—known conversationally as a doorbell camera—you can see and speak with anyone who arrives at your doorstep, even if they don’t press the buzzer. Whether you’re at home or away, you can receive a text notification and live video feed when the camera is activated, so you know when the children get home from school, for instance. Or you can tell the Fedex Guy to “leave the cartons on the side door stoop.”

You can easily interact via your smartphone or tablet, or through a beautifully styled in-wall keypad or touchscreen controller. In the basement or bathtub? No problem. Your eyes on the gate never waver.

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