Lighting control provides security!

Sure, the ability to dim light bulbs saves money, but for many of us the real value of lighting control becomes brighter and when lights are automatically synchronized with our activities.

For example, outdoor lights can be set to turn on just before sunset and off at sunrise – automatically. Indoor lights can be set in random schemes to make it appear that an empty house is occupied (which is great at vacation time). Garage and driveway lights can be activated automatically when you arrive home—and a welcoming porch light and indoor lamp can greet you as well. Using geo tracking features of some of today’s control systems, lights can be programmed to flash to signal the arrival of a child home from school.

In emergency situations, many lighting systems now offer panic modes that make every bulb in the house flash in unison, thereby frightening an intruder and alerting the police.

So in addition to thinking about how a properly installed and configured lighting system can add convenience, enhance the mood, save money and conserve energy, also consider how lights can improve your overall security and sense of wellbeing.

With the right lighting control system, you’ll never arrive home to a dark house again. Bright idea, safe family.

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