“But my room is too small for a theater”

Apparently someone  forgot to tell this client that his 13’9″by 13’9″ room was too small. Obviously, a spare bedroom can be challenging to convert into a theater space, but as the photo’s show, far from impossible. Sound Components took on the challenge and even found a way to get a wall to wall 2.35 aspect ratio screen installed, even though getting such a large screen from such a short distance away is usually very difficult to achieve.

The entire 7.1 channel  audio system is built into the walls and the front channels go through the acoustically transparent screen. The subwoofers are in wall and utilize corner loading for additional room gain and  output. Every detail relating to squeezing the most performance out of the system was thought of and utilized.


President at Sound Components

The overall impression is staggering – when you do a wall to wall screen, the overall feel is unique and powerful. The visual impression that wall to wall provides cannot be beat.  Sound Components designed and installed all of the audio and video equipment in the room, and worked with Tony Abinader of Abinader Home Theaters on the aesthetics of the room. We have worked with Tony on many projects and we always achieve great results together – this is no exception.

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