Music streaming has renewed great interest in home audio. Today you can quickly and easily download your favorite songs—even those forgotten tunes that you once played on an “antique” CD player. Or discover new music from budding artists to add to your playlists in the swipe of a finger.

But what’s the quality of this digitally downloaded stuff? Will it evoke the same deep emotional response? And what does it sound like cranked up full tilt on speakers for your party?

Much of the music available on the internet is compressed, or squeezed, to make the files smaller and more manageable. Sadly, many of the subtle – yet critical – instrumental and vocal nuances of the original recording get squeezed out in the process. Yes, you’ve lost the artist’s original intention and some power of the piece and performance.

But don’t worry says the pro. You haven’t lost it – the emotional memories OR the quality.

Along with high-res audio (also branded as Hi-res audio) content available from countless services came development of advanced data-packing technologies. When married with high-performance audio components, you create the best of both worlds: the simplicity and convenience of streaming music along with the best listening experience around.

Now just might be the right time to treat your ears (and guests) to the glory and gusto of high-res music. In addition to those top-quality tracks, you need the right equipment configured and set up properly—to bring it together. Adding the latest audio gear can deliver uncompromised, streaming high-res tunes to carefully tuned speakers placed strategically around the house. Not to mention, they look great. And you can tie in legacy products – like your family turntable – and hear vinyl house-wide for the first time!

You may not be able to walk up and get an autograph from the artist, but what you’ll enjoy from a high-res setup rivals a live performance where you hear the artist breathe and move their fingers on the strings. Don’t need to be an audiophile to discern that difference.

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