Weatherproof & Striking
Landscape Lighting in Miami

Revamp your outdoors with elegant, weather-resistant outdoor lighting fixtures. Trust our expertise as an authorized Coastal Source dealer in Miami.


Coastal Source Landscape Lighting

At Sound Components we sell Coastal Source lighting fixtures, designed in Florida for our climate.

Avoid expensive repairs, failed connections, and replacing non-functioning systems after a short period of time due to exposure to the weather and elements.

Weather Resistant Outdoor Lighting Fixtures


Durable and sleek lighting fixtures designed to defy dust, water, debris, and bugs with no failed connections.

Modular lighting Lawn Lighting Fixtures

Fully Adjustable

Modular fixtures with maximum adjustability. Shift positions, and adjust the spread of light at any time to fine-tune the effect that you desire.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Smart Home Integration

Control your landscape lighting through your home automation system to schedule your exterior lights and program scenes for different moods.

Our Expert Team Working on a Project


The Right Company for Design and Installation

At Sound Components, our team is highly-trained in landscape and architectural lighting design. We only install best-in-class products that outperform and outlast others.

There aren’t many Coastal Source dealers in Miami. We are one of them.


Wide Range of Lighting Fixtures

FLEX Niche Lights

Micro-sized and easy to conceal, FLEX Niche fixtures cast high-powered, focused lighting without ever giving away their location. They stand out by never being noticed at all.

Easy-to-conceal fixture with hard-to-hide performance.

High powered FLEX niche fixture focused lighting
Minimal match lights for lawn/yard

Match Lights

Coastal Source Match Lights combine cutting-edge patented technology and a modern, minimalist aesthetic. The Gimbal LED provides complete control over the light while remaining watertight and sealed against inclement weather. Put Match lights in places where a fixture needs to be a part of the scenery, not disappear into the landscaping.

Match Lights don’t hide in the landscape or hardscape; they’re an integral part of it.

Bullet Lights

Coastal Source Bullet Lights offer multiple solutions in simple and elegant fixtures.

They provide a built-in adjustment giving you perfect control over the light. These fixtures can be used for both uplighting and downlighting. They are capable of showcasing everything from a specimen tree or architectural detail to providing soft light to an overall area.

Elegant bullet lighting fixtures for lawn/yard

Wash Lights

The Coastal Source Wash Lights are unparalleled in light output and uniformity. It is available in both low power and high power models, allowing you to illuminate small shrubberies or the side of a large building with a single compact fixture.

Smart Wash Light for Outdoor Lawn/Yard

Lip Lights

Ideal for small, hard-to-light spots such as under railings or up-lighting rafters. The Lip Light is the perfect way to gracefully light your step treads and risers, retaining and seat walls and accent columns.

Under railing lip light for up-lighting rafters

Step Lights

Step Light offers excellent low-level illumination along walls, steps, and other vertical surfaces. The Step Light allows for 3.5 watts of LED power to increase both the safety and beauty of your installation.

Low level illuminated step lights for stairs

Tree Lights

Coastal Source Tree Lights downlighting transforms a good lighting design into a stunning one. These fixtures are easy to install on trees and give stability and flexibility when creating those truly magnificent down-lit designs.

Tree lighting fixtures

Hanging Lights

The Coastal Source Hanging Lights are an easy and elegant fixture to create beautiful, natural downlighting. Easy installation and with a sleek look. Hanging Lights can be used for downlighting, moonlighting, and shadowing.

Hanging lights for downlighting, moonlighting and shadowing

Nose Lights

The Coastal Source surface mounted nose light offers a low profile way to add subtle lighting to a path, wall post, or outdoor living area.

Nose lights for outdoor/wall lighting

Tiki Torches

Coastal Source LED Tik Torchi creates a tall and elegant presentation.

LED Tiki torches for outdoor lighting

Niche Lights

Small, beautiful, and effective. Coastal Source Niche Lights are an incredibly useful and flexible micro-size series of fixtures that serve many desirable applications.

There are six different trim styles and multiple finishes available making this the most versatile fixture line in the market. Design it into places where discrete lighting is required and where conventional fixtures would be out of place, too bright and intrusive.

Niche lighting for yard/lawn

Path Lights

Path lights provide subtle light and superior dependability that you can count on night after night.

Path lights are offered in different finishes and sizes for greater personalization of your outdoor living space.

Path lighting for outdoor living space

Well Lights

The Coastal Source in-grade light is a completely sealed compact fixture made of solid brass.  This fixture allows you to light incredibly tall objects from a very low profile fixture.

Solid brass well lights

Coastal Source fixtures are designed to be forever serviceable and provide endless possibilities for a beautiful yard.

Add landscape lighting to your home and create areas to enjoy by yourself or with loved ones.  Reach out to us so we can help turn your vision into a reality!


Landscape Lighting for Pleasure, Safety and Curb Appeal

Miami provides a unique opportunity for outdoor living making it a year-round activity. Great outdoor lighting really improves your quality of life. Deciding to add outdoor lighting to your home is an investment in pleasure, safety, and curb appeal.

Elegant outdoor landscape lighting


Working with Us

We will guide you and help you decide on the very best option for your particular needs and your budget.

We will regularly inspect your home or business to make sure everything is operating smoothly. Prior to the installation, we test all functions to avoid problems.

Once finalized, we will train the whole household or business on how to use the new outdoor lighting fixtures.

Highest Reliability

Trusted since 1974, 5-star rated customer service and 50,000+ satisfied customers.

Personalized Plan and Design

We deliver fully personalized service to fullfill all your specific needs.

24/7 Service

You will always be able to reach your certified technician. We respond quickly to remedy any situation.

The Top Brands

We only work with the best-in-class, time-tested industry manufacturers.


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